5 Top Bloggers On Instagram Worth Following In 2020

Blogging has emerged as one of the most famous career options in 2019. In the past few years, it has risen to prominence, and yes, of course, earlier the scenario was very different from this.

Earlier, these platforms didn’t have that much importance from a working-class person’s point of view. But now with all the changes and improvements that have been brought over the period of time, it’s not very hard to guess that blogging and working as an influencer are tough career choices.

Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc., have changed the whole game. There are a lot of names that have grown over the past few years, and their stories are actually inspiring. More than inspiring their stories actually tell us about their present status, and the levels which they have reached. Many of the budding, talented micro-bloggers have made their way to the top on Instagram, and one of the biggest things we look at to consider them famous is the number of likes they have. Not sure if it is a piece of cake to score this level of fame now, and this is why many choose Buyiglikesfast for their well-known expert services and buy Instagram likes from them in case they’d like to make it to the top faster. But these five are already made it, and we will have a closer look at the names to realize what’s so great about them.

Top Bloggers of now

We will be clear about the fact that when we talk about micro-bloggers or bloggers, we are actually talking influencers. Both of them are the same. These bloggers have brought influencer marketing in their careers, and they have actually been very successful. For that, they have had their own strategies and plans for getting to the top.

  • The first name is Jamie Oliver, who has a whopping 6.7 million followers on Instagram.
    Well, Jamie Oliver has all the secrets embedded inside his dishes. He has been sharing his recipes with the audience, for quite a while now. After uploading thousands of posts, you do expect that a chef of his quality would already be having millions of subscribers. Definitely he has been working hard, and all of it is visible on his wall. You can see HD photos of various mouth-watering dishes on his wall. And well that is the thing, which separates him and other chefs.
  • Alex Chung is also a big name when it comes to the list of fashion influencers who are working through Instagram. You can see her posting in different apparel, and collaborating with some of the biggest names of the fashion industry. Again, the mantra is the same, and you will find that over her wall. She puts on a cool dress, and posts a high-quality photo over her wall, and gets a huge number of Instagram likes.
  • Chiara Ferragni is very famous and she has got more than 17.5 million followers on Instagram!
    She also happens to be the founder of Chiara Ferragni collection and The Blonde Salad. Consistency and regular hard work are the two things that are reflected in her work. And probably that’s the reason why she has gained so much success.
  • Murad Osmann is a popular name in the world of photographers, who are doing a great job on Instagram. If you head over to his profile, then you will find amazing shots, that he would have clicked over the period of time. The huge following he has does a lot of justice to his work, as he has over 4 million followers on Instagram and dozens of likes on each photo! Certainly, a huge figure!
  • Jeffree Star is a top beauty influencer, whose Instagram profile shines a lot from the outside. She is known for her work in the cosmetics industry. She is also a makeup reviewer, as you will find through her Instagram bio. And just like any other successful influencer, she has maintained a clean wall, which is full of work-related photos.

The role of Instagram likes

As we can see, all these influencers or micro-bloggers have worked hard to achieve what they have in their hands. That is the case with most of them sitting out there.
Once you think that you are posting high-quality content, then there is also the option of buying likes. Adding extra likes to your crowd will ensure that you get a lot of Instagram likes and also excel in other areas.
Those other areas include increasing your online visibility, collaborating with other big names of the industry. That will actually ensure that you get more Instagram likes from their side and that's the most important part and the role it plays in a blogger's life.


In conclusion, these were some of the top bloggers in the year 2019, and even for the upcoming year 2020. Their keys are also pretty similar and that you will find when you have a look at their profiles.
They have maintained their reputation for a long time, and that has actually proven to be very fruitful!