How much will cost your move?

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Tips to prepare your move.
When we want to make our move, we ask ourselves: Do I hire a company or do it on my own? Will it be expensive or cheap? How can I do it for the best price? What alternatives do we have?
Read the following tips and recommendations, and so you will be able to choose the best option.
But we recommend to hire a professional moving company for your move.
How much will cost our move? The following details are crucial to count the overall cost
- Transport conditions and number of objects to be moved.
- Square meters of your home.
- Size and shape of the belongings
- If the moving company has to pack goods or not.
- The number of movers your need.
- Accessibility of the property, if there is an elevator or not, low or high floor, etc.
Ask for discounts but remember that sometimes cheap in the beginning will be expensive at the end.

Recommendations for your move.
Sorting items by weight and size, for example, books, CD collections and tools. As far as these objects are heavy they must be packed in small boxes to make their transportation easy. Fragile objects must be carefully packed separately with paper or bubble wrap to protect them, and on these boxes write the word "Fragile".
Dishes also better to pack in bubble wrap or paper.
Do not use the tape directly on the furniture, the glue can damage the furniture.
Pack the clothes in large garbage bags, and delicate clothes in special boxes. Electronic devices better to wrap and tie in blankets or linen.
Keep in mind that all this our company can do for you.
You can leave everything in our hands and do not care about anything. Save your time and nerves with us!