Phenomenon of swingers movement

The practice of borrowing new forms of sexuality from other cultures is quite common, but not often these borrowings are part of everyday life and are becoming common in society. And in this regard, the swingers movement can be called unique, because it has spread widely throughout the world.
By definition of sociologist Mark Roberts, swing is an increasingly popular safe way to spend leisure time for established middle-class couples. Swingers are often confused with members of group sex, but swingers are always married couples. In principle, the so-called open swing involves group sex, but the more common variant is closed swing when couples retreat in different rooms, exchanging partners.

In addition, the swing has its own fairly clear ideology and rules. The possibility of participation in the swing by only couples arises for reasons of health safety. Thus, the periodically occurring notion of a single swinger actually has little to do with the classical meaning of swing. According to the internal code, coercion of someone to swing, attempts to destroy a marriage, disrespect for partners, as well as conducting any unlawful activity discrediting a circle of like-minded people are completely excluded.

This raises the question – how to find swingers if you decide to do such an experiment? In every big city, there is a closed club where you can apply. Also recently, the online community of like-minded people has become increasingly common.

The essence and features of swingers movement

Justifying the existence of the swing movement, its ideologues focus primarily on the polygamous nature of man, arguing that a long matrimonial relationship is impossible without adultery, and adultery is a fraud, unlike swing, which, being a legalized form of treason, that allows any couple to keep honest relationship without breaking the very nature of man. But this is not a cure for family boredom. Many articles on swinger sites emphasize that involvement in this movement often exacerbates any relationship: those who were close to divorce are divorced, those who dreamed of a greater depth of relationship get it.

In addition, swingers, like no one else, are close to gender equality. Reviews on top swinger couple sites tells that rights and desires of both partners are treated with the utmost respect. And if the situation seemed unpleasant to one of the partners, his no applies to the whole pair.

On the other hand, swingers have the opportunity to realize not only their different identities, but also different sexual scenarios.

It is very difficult to talk about the percentage of couples who successfully overcome the swing test. There are frequent stories (as a rule, the agreement of one of the partners was not sincere) when the couple breaks up after such an experiment. Jealousy, a feeling of betrayal, disgust, - these are the feelings that are stronger than rational arguments.
However, researchers from the United States argue that the swingers lifestyle significantly improves the marital life and satisfaction with life and marriage among swingers is higher than in common families.