Tree Service Company Albuquerque

Premier Tree Surgeons Albuquerque is a company specialized in all types of pruning and felling of trees and palm trees.
Pruning is the process and result of eliminating certain branches of a plant or a tree to make it develop stronger.

The process of pruning includes the removal of dead branches, the removal of agglomerated or rubbing limbs so that they have a better shape, the elimination of hazards, the improvement of sunlight and the movement of air throughout the tree.

Here we will focus more on ornamental trees, so we will talk about two types of pruning: sanitation and safety. The first is specific pruning for the removal of broken, dried or sick branches. Safety pruning is the one used to remove or shorten potentially dangerous branches.

Although tree removal is a last stage, there are certain circumstances that make it necessary. We have descent techniques, or we can use a crane for difficult trees in confined areas, such as areas near your home or other trees.

At Premier Tree Surgeons Albuquerque, we always carry out a comprehensive risk assessment to minimize the possibility of damage, so that our clients are aware of any potential danger and are in a position to make an informed decision.

Pruning done correctly maintains the good health and structure of the tree. It can also improve the beauty and economic value of your landscape. Pruning should be performed by professionals, who have the necessary training and experience, and are familiar with the techniques and dangers of this work.

After a period of heavy rains with strong winds many tree branches and damaged and these trees need to be taken care of or even removed. Sick trees, affected by fungus or parasitic infestation should also be cut down. We can offer emergency tree removal in Albuquerque when needed.
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